What happens if you don’t advertise?

The simple answer is – nothing!

Promoting your business is vital to keeping it moving forward. That may be a fundamental statement but to most, it is a problem they would rather not have to think about, usually because finding a starting point is so daunting, nevertheless, at some point it becomes necessary to bite the bullet and think about ways to attract more business.

Happily, it needn’t be painful as there are many ways to get your message across that just requires a little thought, a little time and the help of a designer. For instance, one great technique is to ‘add value’ to your sales so instead of giving money off a product or service, simply add something to the sale that makes the deal more attractive. Another problem can simply be put down to awareness. If potential customers are unaware of your location or product/service range then that can be addressed with some appropriate advertising and publicity in your chosen market place.

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Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages, a personal view by Tim Bigger of Abstract Creative.

Before the web, Yellow Pages was king when it came to business connections. I can clearly remember awaiting with considerable anticipation the arrival of the new book to see who has arrived and who has left. In fact, it became a rough guide as to a business’ success in that the ad usually got bigger as a company became more successful.

Of course all that has changed. We now have so many vehicles in which to be seen the poor old Yellow Pages has taken rather a back seat. JR Hartley would turn in his grave if he could see the way things have gone particularly with the massive advancements made with the web – or would he? As it happens, the hero of this piece is the web arm of the Yellow Pages. The service is easy to use, quick and highly flexible so just because the published book version is flagging slightly there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater as is the way forward for many businesses.

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Creative passion

I have been designing all kinds of things for 26 years now and the truth is, you never get tired of it. Of course you are sometimes at odds with your creative views and those of your client but ultimately, it is the design process itself that can give so much satisfaction. I guess this must all boil down to two words – creative passion. Those with passion in any chosen career path tend to become highly accomplished and respected within their field.

This is especially true of any of the diciplines connected to the arts. Creatives are passionate about what they do and will more often than not put in a great deat of effort to reach a pleasing conclusion to a piece of work. Ironically, this passion can also be the bane of a creative’s life in that they will never be truly happy with the end result and will always wonder if they could have produced something better. The unfortunate side of creative passion is that it will occasionally put the creative at odds with the commercial world so having the ability to temper creativity with business acumen is a valuable lesson to learn.

So looking back on the last 26 years I can truly say it has been a wild and exciting ride but ultimately it is creative passion that fuels the engine.

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Abstract Creative

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, Tim Bigger from Abstract Creative has the ability to provide all the tools you could ever want. If it is a corporate identity or a mailing piece, Abstract can give you the look that ensures your credibility in your marketplace.

Creative work includes:

  • Logos
  • Stationery (letterheads, compliment slips, business cards etc)
  • Mailers
  • Fliers (see some of our offers)
  • Brochures
  • Advertising (our speciality)
  • Web sites
  • Plus loads more…

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Graphic Designer Chichester

If you want to have a memorable logo or stationery it is always advisable to approach a graphic designer to help you. They are trained to look beyond the ordinary and try and seek a different angle on your identity thereby creating a unique style for your business that will speak volumes for you.

Abstract Creative are dedicated to provide just the right creativity for your specific circumstances, just take a look at our testimonial page, it speaks volumes.

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Abstract Creative


BBC Weather

For those of us old enough to remember, graphically speaking, weather forecasting in the 60’s and even the 70’s was a bizarre and rather amateurish affair. Hoops of magnetic highs and lows festooned the weather board punctuated with the odd grey cloud or two, sometimes accompanied with half a sun peeping from behind a reassuring cloud.

Today however is a very different picture – literally. Thanks to the huge advances in computer graphics and green screen technology, we are able to now see detailed maps of the country, cloud cover and animated sea conditions all in crisp colour.

This technological advancement is not just limited to television, virtually all areas of the media have embraced new capabilities and the standard of visual representation is now extremely high. However, still one fundamental principle will always be key – the idea. No matter how technologically advanced the execution, if the idea is weak, the end result will be also which means good ideas must be cultivated in the creative mind and allowed to flourish.

Abstract Creative strongly subscribe to this philosophy and always strive to create consistently well thought out, idea led designs for clients. In real terms, why settle for poor when you can have more?

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Supermarket giant Asda, acquisition of even bigger giant Wal-Mart have worked very hard to create and maintain their brand image especially during the economic downturn.

Interestingly enough, the downturn has actually given their marketing team an overwhelming amount of ammunition in the battle to be the cheapest, a battle chiefly fought between three combatants; Tesco, Asda and Morrisons. Interestingly, Tesco had an about turn in their strategy. Earlier on they were hard on the heels of Sainsburys who leaned towards quality not price but Tesco had a legacy of being price driven which meant they were never really going to convince their market of the quality advantage. Salvation came when Asda, the Leeds based chain started expanding wildly and all of a sudden Tesco abandoned flirting with quality and went full steam ahead solely basing their strategy on price.

We now have the situation where Tesco and Asda are head to head with Morrisons, another northern based chain and who will come out on top remains to be seen. Certainly the enormous efforts being put into television advertising will pay off in the long run as the downturn drags on.

Brand development can be fascinating as a story unfolds. It must be remembered however, every business has its own brand and indeed brand values. Most businesses would like a good reputation or supply top quality goods or services so when a customer sees their product or logo they are reassured they have made the right choice. It is exactly the same for businesses large or small, the brand is everything as it speaks for you.

We at Abstract Creative are always mindful of the importance of the brand, that’s why when we create a new identity for a business we ensure we understand the ideology behind the name. We always try to ascertain what values and goals the company has and most importantly, how the business sees itself.

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